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Welcome to the Online Ordering Guide Whatever you want, whatever you need it for, consider it sorted with Office Choice. Our 2023 Online Ordering Guide is the perfect starting point for ordering all of your office products whether you’re working from home or the office. From office furniture and business machines to stationery, education and kitchen supplies, we’ve got everything you need for every area of your business or home office. HelpingYour Business Do Business Our trained and expert staff are always on hand to make getting all your stationery and office supplies easy. • When you place an order, you will get it delivered “Right 1st Time, Every Time” • Our price promise means we regularly check our competitors pricing to ensure we remain competitive • We offer free delivery to most areas. * Minimum order quantities may apply. Delivery charge may be applicable to some areas. Contact us for details. We’ll help you find the right solution every time and we do it with a smile. Locally Owned & Operated We’re a 100% Australian owned and operated group of local businesses so we know just how challenging it can be running a local business. We are passionate about building relationships with our customers.We are committed to personal service and providing you with everything necessary to make your business better. Because we’re local. We know the true value of being a business partner, of being just around the corner, and going the extra mile, of doing whatever it takes to support a fellow local. As an Office Choice customer, you enjoy the buying power of a national brand and the personal service only a local business can provide. We’re in business to support local business,Australia wide. NEW! Can’t find what you are looking for? Visit our website for our full range of products making local work

3 Stat - Online Ordering Guide 2023 For your convenience, we have many ways you can place an order with us. Online Shop online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just visit our website. See front cover for website address. Phone Call us during standard business hours to place your order by phone. Email Send your order through to us by email anytime that suits you. How to Order In Store Visit us to see our friendly staff and walk out with what you need. *Not available at all locations. We know how important it is to get everything you need, when you need it. When you place an order with Office Choice, you will get it delivered “Right 1st Time, Every Time”. So you can get on with more important things like running your business. Our customers enjoy low prices and we guarantee it to stay that way. We make it our business to check our prices against our major competitors to ensure we always offer you competitive pricing. That is our Price Promise. PRICE PROMISE $ Create an Account It’s quick & easy Add to Cart Shop with Ease Checkout Securely Process your goods Save Time Order Online If you have any questions, just ask.

4 Stat - Online Ordering Guide 2023 Contents Ballpoint Pens 7 Batteries 6 Correction Tapes 9 Convention Card Holder 6 Document Wallets 10 Expanding Files 10 Glue Sticks, Super Glue & Industrial Glues 12 Highlighters 8 Hole Punches 14 Index & Tab Dividers 9 Laminating Machines & Pouches 6 Lecture Books & Pads 7 Letter Clips 13 Magnifying Sheet and Glasses 15 Note Pads 7 Notebooks 7 Packaging Tape & Dispensers 11 Packaging Twine 6 Paper Clips 12 Pencil Cases 15 Pencil Sharpeners 8 Pins 13 Scissors 14 Sheet Protectors 9 Sponge Cups 11 Staplers & Staples 13 Subject Books 7 Suspension Filing 9 System Cards 10 Tack Adhesives 12 Tapes & Tape Dispensers 11-12 Whiteboard Markers 7

The Stat. range features over 100 products across the following categories Books and Pads Business Machines Envelopes and Packaging Filing and Storage Scissors & Cutters Stapling and Punching Tapes and Adhesives Writing and Correction

6 Stat - Online Ordering Guide 2023 1 2 3 4 5 Laminating Machines 1. STAT LAMINATOR A3 TRIMMER AND CORNER CUTTER • Compatible for use with pouches that are 80 to 250 micron. • Laminates at a speed of up to 30cm per minute. • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1624027 A3 Laminator EACH Laminating Pouches 2. STAT LAMINATING POUCHES • Perfect for preserving and protecting important documents, photos and papers. • Photographic quality that enhances colours and all-round presentability. • Gloss finish gives your documents a stylish finish. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1624028 A4 80 Micron PACK50 1624029 A3 80 Micron PACK50 Batteries 3. STAT ALKALINE BATTERIES • Ideal for powering labelers, remote controls, clock, flashlights and other home and office items. • Large packs for large use environments. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2388704 AA Batteries PACK24 2388705 AAA Batteries PACK24 Name Plates & Badges 4. STAT CONVENTION ID HOLDER PIN AND CLIP • Comes with a pin and clip to easily attach your customised name tag to your clothing. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2381222 Pin And Clip PACK50 Packaging Products 5. STAT PACKAGING TWINE • Can be used for packaging, wrapping gifts or any arts and crafts projects. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2381227 Cotton Twine 80m White EACH 2381228 Jute Twine 55m EACH

7 Stat - Online Ordering Guide 2023 6 7 8 9 10 Notebooks 6. STAT SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS • Strong front and back cardboard covers keep the pages protected against wear and tear. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1624012 A4 120 Page SB Red EACH 1624013 A4 240 Page SB Red EACH 1624016 A5 200 Page SB Red EACH 7. STAT SPIRAL POLYPROPYLENE NOTEBOOKS • Strong polypropylene front cover keeps the pages protected against wear and tear. • Paper weight:60gsm. Ruled:A4 7mm lined, A5 8mm lined. • Binding:spiral binding on side (SB). ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1624017 A4 120 Page SB Black EACH 1624018 A4 240 Page SB Black EACH 1624021 A5 200 Page SB Black EACH Subject Books 8. STAT SPIRAL POLYPROPYLENE SUBJECT BOOK • Strong polypropylene front cover keeps the pages protected against wear and tear. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1624020 A4 250 Page 5 Subject Black EACH Lecture Books & Pads 9. STAT SPIRAL LECTURE BOOK • Strong front and back cardboard covers keep the pages protected against wear and tear. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1624014 A4 140 Page SB Red EACH Note Pads 10. STAT RULED NOTEPADS • Ideal for note taking at school, in lectures and meetings. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1624023 A4 50 Sheets White EACH 1624024 A4 50 Sheets White Hole-Punched EACH 1624022 A5 50 Sheets White EACH

8 Stat - Online Ordering Guide 2023 11 12 13 14 15 Ballpoint Pens 11. STAT BALLPOINT PENS • Long lasting, quick drying ink which makes them perfect for every workspace. • Quality medium 1.0mm pens provide a quality smooth writing experience. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1623966 1.0mm Medium Black EACH 1623967 1.0mm Medium Blue EACH 1623968 1.0mm Medium Red EACH 12. STAT RETRACTABLE BALLPOINT PENS • Quality retractable ballpoint pens feature a medium 1.0mm nib for a smooth writing experience. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1623969 1.0mm Medium Black EACH 1623970 1.0mm Medium Blue EACH 1623971 1.0mm Medium Red EACH Whiteboard Markers 13. STAT WHITEBOARD MARKERS • These markers can be dry-wiped easily from whiteboards and non-porous surfaces such as glass without leaving a trace. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1623977 2.0mm Bullet Black EACH 1623978 2.0mm Bullet Blue EACH 1623979 2.0mm Bullet Red EACH 1623975 2.0mm Bullet 4 Assorted Colours WALLET4 1623976 2.0mm Bullet 6 Assorted Colours WALLET6 Highlighters 14. STAT HIGHLIGHTERS • Reliable, quality water-based highlighters perfect for marking important information on documents. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1623982 2-5mm Chisel Yellow EACH 1623983 2-5mm Chisel Blue EACH 1623984 2-5mm Chisel Green EACH 1623985 2-5mm Chisel Orange EACH 1623986 2-5mm Chisel Pink EACH 1623981 2-5mm Chisel 4 Assorted Colours WALLET4 1623980 2-5mm Chisel 6 Assorted Colours WALLET6 Pencil Sharpeners 15. STAT SHARPENERS - PLASTIC • Accommodates standard and jumbo pencils. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2381220 2 Hole Plastic Oval Assorted Colours PACK12 2381219 2 Hole Plastic Round Assorted Colours PACK24

9 Stat - Online Ordering Guide 2023 16 17 18 19 20 Correction Tapes 16. STAT CORRECTION TAPE TWIN PACK • Applies dry and smooth for fast and precise corrections. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1623990 5mmx8m PACK2 Index & Tab Dividers - Customisable 17. STAT DIVIDER A4 MANILA BRIGHT • Create your own colour coded filing system. • Features a table of contents template and easy to write on tabs for your convenience. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1623992 A4 5 Tabs Assorted Colours PACK 1623993 A4 10 Tabs Assorted Colours PACK 18. STAT POLYPROPYLENE DIVIDERS • The Stat Tab Dividers Are Made From Durable Polypropylene And Features A Table Of Contents Template For Quick Identification And A Bright Colour Scheme To Organise Your Important Documents Or Create Your Own Colour Coded Filing System ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630680 A4 5 Tab Assorted Colours PACK 1630681 A4 10 Tab Assorted Colours PACK Plastic Pockets & Sheet Protectors 19. STAT SHEET PROTECTORS A4 • Acid free so you don’t have to worry about them reacting with your documents. • Photocopy safe, so they won’t lift. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1624025 A4 Lightweight Clear PACK20 1630701 A4 Lightweight Clear PACK100 1624026 A4 Heavy Duty Clear PACK50 Suspension Filing 20. STAT SUSPENSION FILES KIT • Organise documents and colour code files for quick and easy access. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1623991 Foolscap Assorted PACK20

10 Stat - Online Ordering Guide 2023 21 22 23 24 25 Document Wallets 21. STAT CLEAR STORAGE WALLETS • Assorted coloured zip top closure secures your documents and protects them from moisture and general wear and tear. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2381246 Small 23x175mm Clear EACH 2381247 Medium 283x210mm Clear EACH 2381248 Extra Large 390x280mm Clear EACH 22. STAT DOCUMENT POLYPROPYLENE WALLETS • Made from strong durable polypropylene and holds up to 300 sheets of A4 80gsm paper. • The large front flap with button closure secures your documents. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630684 A4 With Button Clear PACK10 1630682 A4 With Button Assorted Colours PACK10 1630683 Foolscap With Gusset Loop Assorted Colours PACK10 23. STAT DOCUMENT WALLET FOOLSCAP • Made from heavy duty 230gsm cardboard for durability. • Large front flap secures your documents and keeps the wallet fully closed. • Suited to store A4 and foolscap sized documents. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1623994 Foolscap Blue EACH 1623995 Foolscap Lime EACH 1623996 Foolscap Red EACH 1623997 Foolscap Yellow EACH 1623998 Foolscap Assorted PACK25 Expansion Filing 24. STAT A4 EXPANDING FILES • Comes with 13 fixed pockets for easy document separation and access. • Made from durable polypropylene to keep your contents damage free. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2381243 Side Pocket EACH 2381245 26 Pocket A-Z EACH 2381244 13 Pocket EACH System Cards & Boxes 25. STAT SYSTEM CARDS • Made from strong card stock, sturdy enough to withstand frequent use. • 6mm pre-ruled lines on both sides. Perfect for jotting down study notes or creating flash cards. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2337590 127x76mm White PACK100 2337591 152x102mm White PACK100 2337592 203x127mm White PACK100

11 Stat - Online Ordering Guide 2023 26 27 28 29 30 Sponge Cups 26. STAT SPONGE BOWL • Eliminates the need to lick envelopes and your fingers for a more sanitary and convenient option. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630702 Plastic White EACH Invisible Tapes 27. STAT TAPE DISPENSER WITH INVISIBLE TAPE • Easy to tear, perfect for mending and repairs, as well as general purpose sealing and bonding tasks. • Unwinds smoothly off the roll and can be written on with pens, pencils and markers. • This tape will not shadow when photocopying and faxing and is photo safe. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630708 18mmx33m Invisible Tape With Dispenser EACH Packaging Tape 28. STAT PACKAGING TAPE • A light duty, general purpose acrylic adhesive packaging tape. • Has a strong bond, making it ideal for everyday general taping applications. • 48mm width is suitable for most hand or dispenser uses. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630694 24mmx50m Clear EACH 1630695 36mmx50m Clear EACH 1630696 48mmx50m Clear EACH 1630697 48mmx50m Brown EACH Packaging Tape Dispensers 29. STAT PACKING TAPE DISPENSER • Seal boxes faster and easier with a lightweight metal frame and simple one handed pistol grip. • Suitable for rolls up to 48mm wide. Perfect for all home, office and commercial environments. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630710 48mm Tape Dispenser EACH Tape Dispensers 30. STAT TAPE DISPENSER WITH CLEAR TAPE • Features a handy plastic dispenser with a serrated blade for easy cutting. • Unwinds smoothly off the roll. • Perfect for gift wrapping, general purpose sealing and bonding tasks. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630709 18mmx33m Super Clear With Dispenser EACH

12 Stat - Online Ordering Guide 2023 31 32 33 34 35 Tape Dispensers 31. STAT TAPE DISPENSER • Features a sharp metal serrated cutter. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2381257 Suits 33mm Core Tape Black EACH 2381256 Suits 66mm Core Tape Black EACH Glue Sticks 32. STAT GLUE STICK PVP • High quality non-toxic glue, solvent free and acid free. • Goes on smooth, dries fast and clear. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1623999 21 Gram EACH 1624000 36 Gram EACH Super Glue & Industrial Glues 33. STAT SUPER GLUE • Can be used to bond a variety of different materials in office and commercial environments including:plastics, metal, leather, ceramics, rubber and glass. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630707 3 Gram EACH Tack Adhesives 34. STAT POWER TACK 75GM • Removable and reusable, non-toxic adhesive. Won’t stain or damage walls. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1624001 75 Gram White EACH Paper Clips 35. STAT PAPER CLIPS AND FASTENERS • Paper Clips are strong in design and durability meaning they can be used over and over again. • Paper Fasteners have a round head and spear made from brass plated metal. Unique split pin allows you to simply slide your papers onto the fastener and bend each split pin in opposite directions. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2381234 28mm Assorted Colours PACK100 2381235 50mm Assorted Colours PACK50 2381236 75mm Silver PACK25 2381237 19mm Brass Fasteners PACK30

13 Stat - Online Ordering Guide 2023 36 37 38 39 40 Letter Clips 36. STAT MAGNETIC LETTER CLIPS • Made from robust chrome finish metal. • Strong, soft spring action makes it easy to clip and unclip, yet holds documents securely in place. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2381233 32mm Chrome PACK2 Pins 37. STAT THUMB TACKS, PUSH PINS AND SAFETY PINS • Can be used on pinboards, fabric boards, notice boards and other permeable surfaces. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630711 Thumb Tacks Assorted Colours PACK100 2381231 Thumb Tacks Silver PACK100 2381230 Thumb Tacks Gold PACK100 2381238 Push Pins Assorted Colours PACK30 2381239 Safety Pins Gold PACK30 Desk Staplers 38. STAT STAPLER • The Stat quality desk stapler makes pinning, tacking and binding your loose documents trouble-free. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630703 Half Strip 26/6 Metal Black EACH 1630704 Full Strip 26/6 Metal Black EACH 39. STAT STAPLERS • Features full plastic body for durability. • Uses 26/6 staples. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2381255 Stand Up Half Strip 26/6 25 Sheets Black EACH 2381254 Mini 26/6 Stapler with Staples 10 Sheets Assorted Colours EACH 2381253 Half Strip 26/6 25 Sheets Black EACH 2381252 Full Strip 26/6 25 Sheets Black EACH Staples 40. STAT STAPLES • Quality staples constructed from fine steel. • Practical bulk pack of 5,000 staples. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630705 26/6 Silver PACK5000

14 Stat - Online Ordering Guide 2023 41 42 43 44 45 1-Hole Punches 41. STAT 1-HOLE METAL PLIER PUNCH • High visibility to accurately punch a hole in the corner of a paper or a gift tag. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630685 8 Sheet Capacity EACH 2-Hole Punches 42. STAT 2-HOLE PLASTIC PUNCHES • Features an adjustable paper positioning guide. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1624009 10 Sheet Capacity EACH 1624010 20 Sheet Capacity EACH 1624011 30 Sheet Capacity EACH 43. STAT 2-HOLE METAL PUNCHES • Features an adjustable paper positioning guide. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630688 10 Sheet Capacity EACH 1630687 20 Sheet Capacity EACH 1630686 30 Sheet Capacity EACH Scissors 44. STAT SCISSORS ORANGE GRIP • Quality stainless steel blades with a robust plastic orange handle controlled cutting. • Ideal for general purpose cutting tasks including cutting paper, cardboard, adhesive tape and craft applications. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1624002 180mm EACH 1624003 240mm EACH 45. STAT SCISSORS SOFT GRIP BLACK/RED • Quality stainless steel blades. • Contoured soft grip design for comfort, making cutting easier on your hands. • Ideal for cutting paper, cardboard, adhesive tape and other general purpose materials. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1624006 140mm EACH 1624004 190mm EACH 1624005 230mm EACH

15 Stat - Online Ordering Guide 2023 46 47 48 49 50 51 Flashcards 46. STAT SYSTEM CARDS • Made from strong card stock, sturdy enough to withstand frequent use. • 6mm pre-ruled lines on both sides. Perfect for jotting down study notes or creating flash cards. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2337590 127x76mm White PACK100 2337591 152x102mm White PACK100 2337592 203x127mm White PACK100 Magnifiers 47. STAT MAGNIFYING SHEET • Eases the strain from reading small and hard to read printed material by enlarging print and other items by two times their size. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630692 A4 210x280mm EACH 48. STAT MAGNIFYING GLASSES • Has a bifocal lens allowing you to enlarge print and other items by up to two or four times their size. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2381221 50mm Black EACH 1630690 75mm Black EACH 1630691 90mm Black EACH Pencil Cases 49. STAT STORAGE WALLET • Made from strong durable polypropylene. • Zip top closure secures your items and protects them from moisture and general wear and tear. • Transparent envelope with a colour strip at the top makes colour coding items easy. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630706 Case 330mmx240mm Clear EACH 50. STAT ZIPPER BINDER WITH HANDLES • Suitable for documents up to A4. Features a carry handle for use on the go. • Has a capacity of 125 sheets of 80gsm paper. • Made from strong polypropylene covered in textured material. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2381240 A4 25mm Black EACH 2381242 A4 25mm Red EACH 2381241 A4 25mm Blue And Clear EACH 51. STAT MESH CASE • PVC re-enforced mesh data case with strong sewn zip closure has a durable mesh construction. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1630693 360x270mm Black Zipper EACH

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